Tyke Pierce Construction Crew

Tyke Pierce


 ​Lloyd B. (Tyke) Pierce: Owner, Operator and General Manager:​Tyke Pierce was born in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on October 4th, 1950. He started riding along with his father to job sites when he was just four years old. He took to construction like a duck takes to water. Tyke has been in the Construction business in Northwestern Colorado for over Fifty years. 

Tim Frentress


 Tim Frentress: Crew Foreman and Project Manager. Born in Hayden, Colorado on April 4th, 1975. He has worked enthusiastically and steadily for our company for the past twenty five years. He is thoroughly experienced and fully trained in all aspects of general construction. He is a qualified craftsman who performs only quality work. Tim is also a very capable excavator, operating any kind of equipment in a professional and precise manner. He has no fear when it comes to working off the ground and we couldn't do it with out him. Thank you Tim 

Isaac Bridges


Isaac Bridges: Apprentice Carpenter/Laborer. Isaac Bridges born March 15th 1996.He joined the crew straight out of High School and has worked for Tyke Pierce Construction for five years now. He is enthusiastic, hard working and reliable. Thank you Isaac for all that you do! 

Silas Ebbert


 Silas Ebbert: Carpenter/Laborer. Silas Ebbert was born July, 3rd 1990. He lives near Hayden Colorado. He joined our Tyke Pierce Construction crew late last October. Silas is skilled and capable in many aspects of the construction trade. Silas has proven to have a positive attitude, he is always personable, accurate and a real Team Player. Welcome on board Silas! 

Aaron Violette


  Aaron Violette: Carpenter/Laborer. Aaron Violette was born March 15th 1993. He lives in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Aaron joined the Tyke Pierce Construction crew late October 2017. He has proven to be hardworking, reliable and friendly. Aaron is both Skilled and Capable in many aspects of the Construction Trade. We are happy to have Aaron on our crew. Thanks for the hard work Aaron Violette 

Toni Geis


 ​Toni Geis: Web Design and Marketing. Toni joined us with a wealth of experience working in the offices of several construction companies in areas of excavation, concrete, heating & sheet metal and industrial coal handling. Her numerous office skills, computer skills and marketing experience as well as her committed, positive attitude is an invaluable asset in helping and enabling this company to roll smoothly through the many years ahead. Thanks a bunch Toni!