The Maxwell-Squire Building

Historical Restoration and Rehabilitation

   The Maxwell Squire Building received half of its name from James P. Maxwell who was one of Steamboat Springs founding fathers. It was the largest commercial building in Steamboat Springs for over 40 years. During the late 1800's before Colorado was even a State, Mr. Maxwell was considered to be instrumental in the development of the Boulder, Central City and Black Hawk areas. He was active in territorial and local politics in that area for over 30 years. Maxwell moved to Steamboat Springs from Boulder around the turn of the century and was involved with the planning and construction of the prominent building which opened its doors in 1909. Several newspaper articles can be used to track the original construction which reportedly cost $20,000.00 and was being touted as one of the very finest buildings in the entire country. The building was described as being majestic, elegant and very modern; having both steam heat and a sewage system. When opened, the building housed the Chamberlain-Gray drug store on the bottom level and had offices and apartments on the upper level. In 1920, Davis S. Chamberlain, owner of the drug store, purchased the building from the Maxwell's. the building remained in the Chamberlain family for the next 27 years. The building and the drug store where sold in 1947 to a prominent local rancher named Frank A. Squire, hence the other half of the name. The Squire's lived in one of the second floor apartments for many years after they retired from ranching. After Franks death in 1959, the building was inherited by his three daughters. Under their ownership the drug store was expanded into its current size in the year 1967. Eventually, Margret Squire Hogue bought her two sisters out and became the sole owner of the Maxwell-Squire Building. The building was placed in the Hogue living trust in 1990, where it remains to this day. The Hogue family should be commended for their fine stewardship of this property. Many in our community believe that Steamboat would lose much character if this building had not been restored.  Tyke Pierce Construction was hired to do an exterior restoration and roof rehabilitation in 2006-2008 and was honored to work on this magnificent old building. 

Located in the Heart of Down Town Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

     Work began in 2006 to completely restore the exterior of this iconic building which was done in several phases. The long hard winters of Rocky Mountains had begun taking its toll on the delicate brick work.  J.D. Maxwell built the building with native sandstone and bricks from the former Trogler kiln near Fish Creek. Some of the original bricks needed to be replaced, which ended up being one of the biggest challenges for general contractor Tyke Pierce with Tyke Pierce Construction. The original brick that was used was longer and thicker than usual.  Every original brick that did not need to be replaced was sanded by hand. All of the stucco was removed and mortar in between the bricks was removed and replaced to help ensure the building would stand for another 100 years.

    In the following years Tyke Pierce Construction has completed many more projects and repairs at the Squire Building including he restoration of the Parapet in 2016.