Solandt Memorial Hospital

The Solandt Memorial Hospital

Colorado State Historical Fund Project 2010-Present


     The Solandt Memorial Hospital, which originally opened its doors in 1923, was built by the townspeople of Hayden, Colorado, in honor of their beloved Physician Dr. John V. Solandt. From 1898 until his untimely accidental death in 1916, Dr. Solandt faithfully served Hayden and surrounding areas at any time of the day, in all weather conditions and with no medical facilities. He was very well liked and respected member of the community and his health care was sorely missed. So the people of Hayden in 1919, came together and decided to build him the hospital he had always dreamed of. Then they dedicated it to his memory.

     The new hospital had sixteen beds, an operating room, an X-ray room,  sterilization room,  delivery room,  nursery, two wards, two sun parlors, living quarters for the cook, kitchen and a reception room. When the Solantd Hospital first opened it was the only completely modern hospital in all of Northwest Colorado, it was also the only accredited hospital between Denver and Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, the Solandt Hospital was racked with financial problems from the very beginning of its existence. It took a full twenty seven years to pay off the initial construction costs.  In 1923, the first annual Hospital Ball, a formal affair was held to raise funds to help repay construction costs and support operational expenses. This event was one of Northwest Colorado biggest social events and continued until 1961. For forty-eight years , the hospital did its best to operate without taxpayer help, until 1960 when the hospital board petitioned Routt County and created a special district to help fund the hospital.

      Over the years many small additions were made to the building. When the Hospital celebrated its 40th anniversary with a public open house in 1963, they presented these improvements to the community: a wheelchair ramp,  a new laboratory with modern equipment, a new ambulance ramp and upgraded restroom facilities. Shortly thereafter, the lack of a resident Doctor forced the hospital to close its doors to the public. In 1966 the hospital found a doctor and briefly reopened. Unfortunately, the  hospital board was back to searching for a physician in less then a years time and the Solandt Memorial Hospital Building would never again function as a hospital. The prominent building, is now on the Routt County Historical Registry along with the National Registry of Historical Places and once again it serves the community as a medical and business facility

     In 2010,Tyke Pierce Construction was hired by the Solantd Memorial Hospital board to conduct and complete renovations in accordance with a State Historic Fund Structural Assessment Grant received in 2008. The scope of work on this project includes: stabilizing the structure, regrading the entire site to direct surface water away from the building, restore blocked windows, expand parking, rehabilitate and repair fire escapes and elevator, upgrade and bury phone lines, replace and repair exterior brick and masonry, restore wooden windows and doors, and update restrooms and ramps to be ADA compliant. Just like the townsfolk who originally grouped together volunteering their labor, materials and time to build this once magnificent building; many have given deeply of themselves to preserve this historic building. Tyke Pierce Construction proudly donated $22,501.30 of in-kind labor to the help save the Solandt Hospital.

Tyke Pierce:

" I would like to thank all of the Solandt Memorial Hospital Board members for allowing us to provide Construction and Contracting services for this Grand Old Building".

Tyke Pierce