Hayden Heritage Museum

Rehabilitation, Preservation, Restoration and Renovations

Historical Projects

 We see historic renovation projects as very special opportunities to revive and extend the life of often fragile buildings of major historical significance. What could be a more sustainable way to build than by repositioning, recycling and breathing new life into a big old beautiful building. Treating these buildings with tender loving care is our first priority, doing our homework in advance is our second priority and getting it exactly right is our third. Working with historical preservation agencies and foundations, requires in depth planning, mounds of paperwork, tons of patients and massive efforts in coordination and timing. These preliminary efforts are critical to the success of renovation projects. The process often begins with the replacing of outdated or deteriorated; structural systems, interior & exterior finishes, heating/mechanical, electrical, plumbing, sewer, and phone systems. This all has to be done without disturbing the original façade of the building. The idea is that when the renovation is complete, return visitors will not notice any significant visual changes, rather they will notice that things just work a lot better now. 

Some of our Historical Projects

Maxwell/Squire Building, Solandt Memorial Hospital, The Crawford House, Steamboat Depot, The Dobbs House, Hayden Museum and Perry Mansfield School of Performing Arts for a few.