Residential and Multi Residential Projects

New Custom Homes and Remodels

   We are skilled and quite capable in all types of residential construction. We understand  your new custom home or remodel is more than just a financial investment. For many of our clients  it is a once in a lifetime chance to accomplish a long waited and cherished dream. Let us keep that dream from turning into a nightmare, that is what we do! We will be there for you every step of the way; from the excavation phase, until the day you move in to your dream home and for many years to come. At every step of the process we will coordinate, schedule, facilitate and manage the process so your project will run smoothly and you will have a positive experience. We will not be satisfied until we have exceeded all of your expectations, and your dream has become your reality. 


    You name it and we have done it. Here we will showcase of some of our favorite Multi-Residential projects including: Storm Meadows Condominiums A, B and C, Scandinavian Lodge/Exterior Rehabilitation, the Kutuck Building Demolition, the Johnston Duplex conversion project, Spring Meadows Condominium structural repair, Selby Apartments, and  Mountain View Manor Senior Apartments. Our list of successful Multi Residential projects goes on and on.  

Custom Log Homes

 Why you should build with logs? The largest reason most people choose to build with logs is simply due to their shear beauty and individuality, which  Mother Nature has so kindly provided for us. Some other important building features logs have include: thermal mass heating properties (logs are naturally warm in winter and cool in the summer), they are a renewable natural resource, they provide strength and stability and ease in assembly. Lastly, they tend to give people a very pleasant, warm, safe feeling; regardless if it's the smallest of cabins or a log mansion.